Giantnerd Super Secret Promo Codes, Coupons and 2015 Review

Outdoor enthusiasts interested in being able to socialize with one another while shopping for the type of outdoor gear and equipment required to be able to enjoy an amazing outdoor adventure will be interested in all that is being offered by Giantnerd. Giantnerd is not just any online store that carries outdoor gears and equipment; instead, they have formed a community of outdoor enthusiasts that are interested in being able to purchase the newest gears and equipment that will be able to provide them with the protection, security and comfort that they need to perform in different sports. Giantnerd is a social network based shopping site that provides a transparent environment as consumers are able to interact with one another to provide advice, consultations, and more. This way, all consumers will be able to gauge whether they are making good choices in regards to their purchase or whether they should consider different alternatives that have been known to be more popular.

Giantnerd Review

The merchandise offered by Giantnerd are separated into several different categories – new, men’s, women’s, brands, bike, camp & hike, climb, snowboard, snowshoe and travel. Consumers can also scroll down in order to be able to view all of the products that have been deemed a favorite by other members. Some of the current favorites will include the Tommaso Tiempo Road Bike, the Bell Lumen Helmet, and the Schwinn Le Tour Elite Bike. The trending brands offered by Giantnerd will include Patagonia, Shimano, Marmot, Tommaso, among many others. The merchandise available at Giantnerd is not chosen by a group of elite specialists, but by the community itself making this one of the most consumer-based online shopping sites available.

One of the main features of Giantnerd is their ability to be able to provide the Genius Build service. The Genius Build service is considered as one of the most efficient and convenient ways in getting a brand new bike delivered to one’s doorsteps. The bikes are assembled, inspected, examined and reviewed by a Genius Builder before getting shipped out, and consumers will be able to have a 99% assembled bike at their door that can be ridden in 10 minutes. The bikes all have warranty on them, and have been built with the durable and reusable Veloskin Box.

Giantnerd is also able to provide a fit guarantee as they will build the bike catered to one’s body and needs, and they will also be able to provide an amazing refund policy. Those who are dissatisfied with the bike or simply not as happy with it as they could be will be able to obtain a full refund. Last but not least, the Genius Build service will also be able to provide after-care services that will ensure that the consumers understand how to properly maintain and care for their bike in order for the bikes to last longer. The bikes are priced fairly, and will start at $79.95. For the price and quality that is received, this is definitely considered a bargain.

All consumers love being able to obtain great deals from sales events that are hosted. Giantnerd is able to host numerous different types of sales events that can be rather beneficial to consumers. For example, they are currently having their summer gear and apparel sale which will allow consumers to save anywhere from 20 – 80% on specific summer gear that has been picked by the Giantnerd team. Giantnerd will also be able to provide free shipping for orders that are over $100. They are also able to provide tracking with the shipping which can be rather beneficial to some consumers. Not only will they be able to locate their purchase at all times, but they will also be able to rest assured knowing that their purchase is safe and secure.

Customer satisfaction is perhaps one of the most important priorities of Giantnerd, and they will strive in being able to provide the best refund policy possible. They have 365 days return policies on every item that they sell. The only requirement that they ask for is that the returned merchandise should be in the same condition that it was received in with the original packaging still intact.

Giantnerd believes in being able to reward their members, and they have an amazing loyalty program that is extremely attractive. Members will be able to earn 10% back on every dollar that is spent on items that are regular prices, and 5% back on discounted items. These Nerd Dollars, as they call them, can be redeemed for free gear. Giantnerd doesn’t only reward members that make purchases. In fact, they are interested in being able to reward members who are active in the community. Members can earn Nerd Dollars just by simply participating. Nerd Dollars can be earned by reviewing products, asking and answering questions, joining groups, uploading photographs, and more. The more one participates in the community, then the more Nerd Dollars that they will be rewarded with. Consumers can be surprised at how quickly the Nerd Dollars will be able to add up.

The WikiNerdia is also an amazing feature offered by Giantnerd. Professional gear experts and outdoor enthusiasts along with community members have contributed to the site by providing different tips and advice in regards to different outdoor sports. The articles can be rather educational, and a lot of outdoor enthusiasts will be able to bounce ideas off of one another in order to be able to enhance their performance or find gear and equipment that may be more suited to their needs.

Giantnerd is definitely considered as one of the most fun online shopping sites for outdoor fear and equipment for different types of sports. Not only are they able to offer numerous different high quality products from top brands, but they are also able to build an active community bringing a lot of professionals and enthusiasts together to build different ideas, and share different experiences. The customer service at Giantnerd is also impeccable, and a lot of consumers are more than satisfied by the way that they were treated, and how well the company was able to bend over backwards in order to be able to satisfy their needs and requests.